About G

I’m Georgette but people call me G

I am a human-centered design leader with demonstrated success building and leading collaborative product teams. I have a passion for humans, their experiences and turning their complex problems into simple and inclusive solutions that WOW users expectations.

I work with a bias toward action, turning abstract concepts into concrete representations that align teams and get users feedback. I design for complex systems using a combination of Design Thinking and System Thinking. I follow a whole team collaborative process that is user-centered and data driven.

G’s Design Philosophy

Design is the thoughtful creation of an intended outcome.

My teammates call me the “Bridge-Builder” because I build radically collaborative relationships within and across teams. Creating a safe and supportive culture for risk taking. I believe that to design “outside of the box” you must purposefully include people not like ourselves in our box.

My design super powers are:

  1. Building and facilitating radically collaborative teams.
  2. Turning abstract concepts into concrete representations that align teams quickly.
  3. Building empathy for users and their world.
Georgette Sullivan, female with spiked hair with blind and purple streaks wearing white shirt and purple vest/

“Today I am a better iteration of myself than I was yesterday.”
- Georgette

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